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Review: Crashers

Crashers by Dana Haynes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The first book in a series by new author Dana Haynes involving the NTSB people who descend on a crash site, to examine the evidence, take the plane apart, piece by piece, and determine what went wrong. This can take more than a year. Back on the team, for his expertise, is Tommy Tomzak, a pathologist who had quit the NTSB when the previous crash investigation where he was IIC, the in-charge investigator, never got answered. He happened to be in the area when the Vermeer One Eleven went down in Oregon, carried the most sophisticated black box available. Capable of monitoring over 6000 systems and checking them, it is a new and valuable asset that should cut down the investigation time dramatically. Called in by by Susan Tanaka, an inter-governmental liaison from the NTSB on this crash, is Kiki Duvall, a voice recorder specialist, known as a”sonar witch” from her years on subs, who can hear things that others can’t, and an ex-flame of Tommy’s, and a number of other specialists, all vying for their part of the turf. At first they determine that there was no bomb and that it was pilot error, but they still have to finish the investigation and tie up loose ends, and it’s those “loose ends” that help Tommy and Kiki determine that there might be another explanation. Switching from the investigation to the FBI field offices in LA, and their Israel asset, Daria, who also gets dragged in from that angle, until finally the pieces begin to line up. A great, interesting view into what it takes to investigate a crash, and the many methods that can be used. I’ve already got book 2 on hold at the library.

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