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The Third Gate: A Novel
The Third Gate: A Novel by Lincoln Child
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another great single book from Lincoln Child. Fast-paced, great atmosphere, and a fun background, albeit a little improbable make this one good thriller. I flew through it, as I do all of his (just finished Utopia recently for the 2nd time and it was as good as the first time). This one takes place in the Sudd, a nasty bottleneck swap of flotsam and jetsam that has floated down the Nile, and been caught there, creating a morass of fetid smells and muck. The pharaoh’s tomb they are searching for they think is at the bottom of the Sudd, and so they have erected a huge enclosure over it to keep out prying eyes. This could be the find that eclipses Howard Carter and King Tut, as it may be the tomb of the king who united upper and lower Egypt millennia ago. Spies, curses, and paranormal activity keep this going with our hero, a prof. of medieval history and also an enigmalogist who dabbles in things that others don’t understand, like the Loch Ness monster, etc. Suspend your disbelief and you will have fun. Clean, good fun.

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