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Review: The Games

The Games
The Games by Ted Kosmatka
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a really good book – reminded me in a way of Masello’s The Bestiary. The basic premise is that a group of scientists, in the near future, are working on building, from the genetic code, a hybrid animal that will compete in a new feature of the Olympic games, the Arena – these non-human hybrids, one from each country, will fight to the death until only one is standing, and the honor and glory of the best bio-engineering goes to the winner. The game is held in the city of the last winner. The U.S. has been the winner for the past three games, all that has been held. The Games are overseen by a board, and by a board within each country. The U.S. board is pleased that they have been winning, but last time they barely squeaked by. So they decide to bypass the head of the genetic research department, without his knowledge, and ask a computer to design a new animal. What comes out of the mind of the mad genius who built the computer, and the computer’s soft logic programing, is awesome and scary. Terrifying, horrifying, and plausible, it is a stay up all night reading to the end kind of book. Swift paced, not big on characters, but the plot is good, and I thoroughly enjoyed this look into bio-ethics.

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Review: 01-01-00

01-01-00 by R.J. Pineiro
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book, although written for the millennium, still is a good book. Since we have a newly calculated doomsday theory ready for us this winter, I thought it would be fun to drag this one out of the box and read it. It was sparked by a 01.01.00 marketing campaign, but the author is good, and keeps it to strictly a computer/SF/Mayan thriller. As the millennium approaches, a computer virus starts attacking virtually all computers across the wold, shutting them down at the same time each night, starting about 20 days before the millennium, for 20 seconds, and each succeeding day one second less – a countdown. Meanwhile, astronomers in Chile have found a signal coming from a planet in a nearby system that appears to be real – a SETI-type signal. And someone wants to learn what is at the ned of the computer virus, and or how to control or stop it, thus making themselves extremely rich and powerful, so they follow the FBI computer analyst who is trying to figure out what it means.. So begins the frantic search for clues, locations, and eventually tying together all the loose threads in the middle of the Yucatan. A bit touchy feely at the end, but then it is a millennium book. I enjoyed it, and found the chase to be good, some interesting characters, with some gruesome scenes of death.

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