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Brock Turner is a Rapist and Deserves More Than Six Months in Jail. And More Importantly To The Rape Survivor, The Warrior, We Stand With You

A terrific response to the Stanford rape case by a good friend of mine. She really got it right.


Brock Turner raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. He was stopped by two witnesses on bicycles. Brock stopped what he was doing when they saw him, thus in my opinion and seriously it’s just common sense, signifying that he knew he was doing something wrong.  Then he  ran away. The witnesses chased after him and held him for the police. One witness  was crying and vomiting due to what he saw.

This must have been a truly horrific scene  for a person to have this reaction, to cry and vomit.  Now think about the way that Brock has described what happened that night.   He said he drank too much.

The Judge stated in writing  he was sentencing Brock to six months in jail, not prison,  because he took responsibility for his actions and showed remorse. Really? I think I missed it. I think we all did.

When did that happen? When did Brock show remorse? …

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