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Are the Republicans punking us? Or Republicans, the bad ones, grow the hell up.

A great commentary on just a few of the crazy stuff that’s in the news today. Must be a full moon, or Flint’s water is reaching us all.


I’m just going to start off by writing down the headlines of articles I’ve seen on Facebook today, and then maybe add some sarcastic comments. Then  I’ll try not to swear to much. That’s the plan.

Glenn Beck said that God had to kill Antonio Scalia to help put Ted Cruz in the White House.

An Idaho Senate panel  just approved a Bill to use the Bible to teach biology.

South Dakota approves transgender bathroom bill.

So seriously, what is happening in the world today? I realize it’s basically as messed up as it was yesterday and the day before, but I just have to say something. Are we , the American people being punked by the Republican party?  Because if all of the above headlines are not a joke, they should be.

I’m addressing the people who are in the news, specifically in the above headlines now……What the hell is…

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