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Review: The 13th Apostle

The 13th Apostle
The 13th Apostle by Rachael F. Heller
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another mini-review -This was another in a long line of “artifact” thrillers, with an American cyber sleuth and a biblical translator and former Israeli commando female lead. A lot of the book is spent back in the past, as we follow in the footsteps of one who was “there.” The story is fine, although lacking depth, and the characters were also a little bland for me, and I didn’t connect with them as I would have liked – that really colors how I react to a book. And the ending to me was trite, and sort of too mystical? But it is an okay read for the beach, for a trip, etc. No big shakes, but no major flaws to me.

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Review: Rift

Rift by Kay Kenyon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first of my mini-reviews, due to a backlog of books I have grown. My computer was dying and it took too long to write them, so I set the books aside. With my poor memory, I can’t give much, but I will try. Eventually I will get caught up, and we will go from there. So, as for Rift, it’s a good solid space story. A multi-generational space station, terraforming gone wrong, and various factions that want to stay up in space, or come down to the surface and keep trying to get it to work, and people who have been living there, and been “changed” as the planet changes. Add in a strange race of aliens who capture human women, and it becomes a somewhat odd story, from many POVs, about finding what is right for the planet, and for it’s inhabitants. I gave it 4 stars for it’s unusual approach, and subjects. Otherwise I would give it a 3 for simply being too far out for my tastes, and too many characters to follow.

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