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Review: The Twelve

The Twelve
The Twelve by Justin Cronin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The second book in the series, this sequel/prequel to The Passage was very different, but equally good. Splitting it’s focus between the early days of the outbreak, and how it affected a few key people, and the continuation of events in The Passage, it presented a fuller picture of how and why, and fleshed out characters, as they parted ways, came together, found old friends, new ones, etc. Some of the main characters from the first book remained key players, but a few minor ones rose to prominence, and some old ones from the beginning of that book also showed up in the battle against The Twelve. At times mystical, at times gruesome, it is much more grandiose in scope about an outbreak of disease, like the zombies in World War Z, which was a sharp contrast – a slim volume that packed a loaded punch on the zombie war. This is more Micheneresque, broader in scope, and flowing in and around like eddies. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter if they are zombies from WWZ or vampires from these – the end result can be the same – the near collapse of civilization, and the loss of hope for some, and the glimmer of it for others. Prose that is both poetical and laconic at times. Descriptive and insightful.

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