Review: The Girl in the Clockwork Collar

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar
The Girl in the Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the sequel to The Girl in the Steel Corset, and this time the action moves across the Atlantic to New York City, @1897 (in an alternate steampunk version). Finley Jones, a young girl with dueling personalities, one dark and fierce, the other more thoughtful and nice is front and center. She has tremendous power, strength and agility and heals very fast. With her is Griffin, a Duke, who can touch the “aether”, a spirit place if you will. Add Emily, an Irish girl who has a genius way with machines – it is as if she can talk to them, and her numerous inventions, and Griffin’s best friend Sam, who has an artificial heart and super human strength. They have come to New York to find their American friend Jasper, who was taken from Griffin’s house by a bunch of men, claiming he was wanted for murder. When they arrive they try to seek out where he might be, and what actually happened. Finley inserts herself into a gang run by Dalton, a brilliant, charming and vicious snake. Jasper is being held in Dalton’s house because he stole something that Dalton wants back. He is using Jasper’s old girlfriend, Mei, to keep him in line. She is forced to wear a clockwork collar that Dalton can activate and strangle her if anyone tries to take it off, or she leaves the house without permission. The story rolls on as the friends try to save Jasper, find out the truth of the murder, and stop Dalton from his plans to be an arch villain. Nikola Tesla plays an important role. Set in and around Five-Points, where the “Gangs of New York” congregate, and the swanky places of the rich and famous, it is both an action tale, one of romance, and a glimpse at two separate societies, existing right next to each other, but never touching. Fun, amusing, but with enough danger and questions still lurking as to set you on the hunt for the next one in the series.

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