Review: Black Order: A Sigma Force Novel

Black Order: A Sigma Force Novel
Black Order: A Sigma Force Novel by James Rollins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I enjoyed it – I enjoy all of Rollins’ books – and I enjoy the guys from Sigma Force – this one brings Gray Pierce to the forefront, a nice change.

Addendum: I just reread this book, after 5 years, and didn’t recall it at all. Not the book’s fault, but my faulty memory. So it was a more than pleasant surprise to have a new Rollins book at my fingertips. The whole Sigma team is here, including a rare character from a previous non-Sigma book as I recall, Sgt. Joe Kowalski – the muscle (but he did provide a much need clue to solving a puzzle). This one is a race around the world, on two different fronts, with the team split into three – one group on a cruise ship turned floating hospital, tending to the needs of patients dying from a horrible plaque like illness on Christmas Island, as they race to discover why and how to cure it. But the boat is hijacked, and they are at risk. The second group is in Europe, tracing down a rare book at first, Darwin’s bible, but that leads them to Marco Polo, and hidden clues on his journey back from Kublai Khan that might help solve the medical problems arising in SE Asia. And the 3rd group is at Sigma headquarters, trying to use their resources to coordinate help from attacks and and create diversions on two fronts, and a race against time to find Commander Pierce’s parents, who have been kidnapped as leverage against him by the Guild. At Pierce’s side in the race to decipher Marco Polo’s clue is a Guild operative, turned possible friend, Seichen. Interesting, incredible, and fun, this one races through time and mysteries to thwart a plot that could kill all human life.

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