Review: Two Graves

Two Graves
Two Graves by Douglas Preston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First – I’d like to apologize for my lengthy absence from Goodreads and my blog, the HouseAI. I had to move on short order from a 3 bedroom house and a stuffed garage with the detritus of a pack rat with 55 years behind her, to a one bedroom apartment across town. Big changes, and very stressful. And I had no computer service for that time, since money was tight. But rest assured, I have a large backlog of books waiting here by my desk to try and fill in.

This book, the latest in the Pendergast series, to me is the best so far. Even with my poor memory, I was able to bring forth the necessary recollections to tie the events of this novel to many of the preceding ones. It is not a book, in my opinion, to read if you haven’t read the series. Much of it draws on what happened to Pendergast, his wife Helen, his brother Diogenes, his ward Constance, etc. Without that background structure, a lot would be lost. But if you have been faithfully reading the series, as I strongly suggest you do if you haven’t (starting with Relic), then this one is a real treat. Full of more twists and turns that a carnival fun house, it constantly surprises you, and leaves you wondering what is next. What more can they do to surprise me? Rest assured, you will be. The action is non-stop, and many favorite characters take on greater shape, esp. Constance, his ward. More of her back history is revealed. D’Agosta is at the ready to back him up, as are some new characters, esp. a young girl I hope to see more of. Highly recommended. One of the best I’ve read in the past 365 days, esp. in this genre.

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  1. I’m reading this one now. It’s always a treat for me- Preston & Child.