Review: Godsent: A Thriller

Godsent: A Thriller
Godsent: A Thriller by Richard Burton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is outside my normal reading pattern, in that it has more overt religious overtones. But the message is clear – any and all faiths are welcome. That said, because it was outside my “comfort” zone, it’s hard to pick it apart. Kate, a virgin, suddenly becomes pregnant, and although no one believes her, she is sure that God is the father. She is whisked away to a convent in Italy, The child is born and she is told it died. She joins the convent, in an attempt to mitigate what she thinks are her sins (an attempted abortion), and cuts off communication with her family. Meanwhile two religious organizations, both Catholic, are at opposing ends. They believe in the “Second Son”, the Son of Man. The Congregation is a secret organization that has a quantum computer that searches all references (think the TV show “Person of Interest”), communications, etc., in an attempt to locate candidates for the second son, what they call “high potentials.” They seek them out and kill them, since they believe that the second son will wipe out the Catholic church. The other group, the Conversatio, is dedicated to protecting these high potentials. What happens for the rest of the book, is that a high potential is identified as the Second Son, and he sets out to tell the world his message from god. But both sides have a vested interest in him, and it’s hard to know whom to trust. Hidden agendas and traitors are everywhere. Interesting and exciting most of the way, although most of the people are hard to relate to, especially the “second son.” And the ending to me was trite, sticky sweet, and I felt cheated. But still, an interesting look at religion, and how people respond, without being in your face about it.

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