Absence makes the heart grow fonder??

I apologize to those of you who have been following my blog, which for now is mostly book reviews.  I have stacks waiting to be reviewed that I have red, but my life turned topsy-turvy, and I just haven’t had the energy or attention to give to the reviews.

My daughter moved out, which means that I have to as well.  We have been living in this 3 bedroom house for 8 years, and my daughters finished their growing up here.  So needless to say, I have a  ton of stuff that has to be sorted, organized, gotten rid of, palmed off on, and stored, and my countless boxes of books readied as well, and then move the rest into a 1 br. apartment.  It’s a huge change, and has really thrown me for a loop, and I am having trouble concentrating.  I want to give the books the justice they are due, so I am waiting on them until I can do so.

So if you will bear with me for a few more weeks, I may be able to post a few in between now and then, or not, if my daughter steals our internet.  Once I move I will have internet in the apartment.  And hopefully will be in a place where I can concentrate and enjoy my reviews.  And I hope you will to.  Thanks for reading the ones I’ve done so far.  I enjoy knowing that I am sharing my love of reading with others.

Until then, Kristin



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