Review: Bio-Strike

Bio-Strike by Jerome Preisler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am slightly! behind on my reviews, so this one isn’t as clear as it could be. But I gave it four stars right after I finished it, so I must have liked it 😉 Harlan Devane, a megalomanic with dreams of world domination, has created a super-bug/gene that lies dormant in your genes, awaiting a trigger to unleash it’s deadly potential. It can be designed to target specific groups or people. So he decides to sell the designer gene to various groups, militant whites, militant blacks, Islamists, just about anyone who is interested in exterminating another group or race. And he himself has an interest in one man, the president of a global telecommunications company, Roger Gordian. Why he has a grudge against him personally is part of his endgame, so I can’t spoil it, but as he races to ensure his agents are in place, that the triggers are in the right hands, and is awaiting cash from his various buyers, Roger falls ill, as his trigger has been “pulled.” His security team, and his medical team race against the clock to find out what has happened to him, what or who caused it, and is it related to other unexplained deaths, such as the young new president of Bolivia, who was struck with a mysterious illness and died, although since it might cause a panic in a newly stable country, the circumstances are under wraps. it’s an exciting game of cat and mouse, of betrayal upon betrayal, from large players to small. Written by Jerome Preisler, and created by Tom Clancy and Martin Greenburg as part of Tom Clancy’s Power Plays series. A worthy entry.

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