Review: Carriers

Carriers by Patrick Lynch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A good solid medical thriller, taking place mostly in Sumatra’s jungles, it is the search for a deadly virus source. Several case have cropped up around the world, and it’s origin is being traced back to Sumatra, and a jungle camp of a ethnobotanist who studies plants for their rare medical qualities. The team is complicated by the appearance of Holly Becker, a young woman who’s two girls were visiting their father (her ex) for the summer in order to see what he does first hand. She is met with resistance, since the disease is spreading, and the towns are becoming overrun, and the police and military are wrangling over turf wars, and now nobody can get in or out. And thus begins a harrowing and exciting journey by several parties into the dark jungles, with a virus that has an almost perfect kill rate. And no knowledge of how it spreads – contact, bodily fluids, air, etc. What the answer is, no one will guess, and that is what makes a good thriller. I would wish for a little more flesh on the characters, but the disease is the star, and that’s the way it should be. Leading the U.S. contingent is LT. Col. Carmen Travis, working for USAMRIID, who leaves her own children behind, to trace this deadly outbreak. Nice edge of your bed reading, with some nice little gruesome details thrown in for good measure, and plenty of red herrings.

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