Review: Omega

Omega by Patrick Lynch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A second read for me, but the first time is forgotten since it was in the late 90s? Marcus Ford is a brilliant ER doc, working in a hospital in one of the worst sections of LA. He could have a cushy job, but he likes this one, and he is where he is needed. He is a widower, and has a teenage daughter. One day a patient comes in, shot by a rival gang member through the throat, but he is operated on and still lives. Meanwhile, a policeman who was at the scene, is also in the hospital for an injury to his leg. They get them stabilized and all seems to be fine. Marcus goes off to give a presentation, put on by his old friend from med school, now on the board of health, about the overuse of antibiotics, and the growing trend of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. He meets a young woman there, but that breaks up when is is approached by a man, a pioneer in the field, who is now retired, and wants to talk to Marcus about this problem, but do so more privately. They agree to meet that friday at a condo the guy owns . In the meantime, the patients he was working on suddenly start developing drug-resistant pathogens, and he and his team are immediately suspected of causing it by the hospital’s germ “Nazi” as they call her – improper techniques, lack of sterile conditions – what is known as nosocomial infections – spread by the hospital itself. Marcus doesn’t believe this, and starts asking around. He is contacted by a doctor from a prestigious private hospital who had heard about his talk and wanted to talk to him about a patient of his that seems to have a similar problem. And so follows a thrilling ride, as he tries to uncover the source of the infections, how to stop them, and then it gets personal. A good medical thriller from Lynch.

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