Review: Leviathan

Leviathan by David Lynn Golemon
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Really good Vernesque classic romp. The Event group, as this is one of ther adventures, is a super black ops project, deep in a well concealed location in the Nellis Air Force Base. Down about 50-100 stories are levels for administration, research, a super computer that beats all super computers, and levels upon levels of vaults, large and small, that hold the treasures of the world, and the oddities of science, collected by the group. Think of the last scene in Indiana Jones, but instead of a warehouse, climate controlled vaults, and labelled, catalogued, etc. The Event Groups raison d’etre is to follow historical trends, and objects and see how events and things influenced history – to try and learn from it, good or bad. They study the past to help the future. Warehoue 13 thrown in. In this one, the Event Group’s headquarters is somehow infiltrated, and the top leaders are kidnapped, and two vaults are blown up. And the computer storage records on those vaults is missing. Left behind is a skeleton staff trying to recreate what those objects were, to better understand why the kidnappers came. The story starts out with a man in a famous prison, Chateau d’If, where he is languishing because he refuses to give the upstart Napolean his plans for batteries and a submarine that would help him win the war. He escapes, helped in part by a pod of dolphins, and what he calls”angels of the sea.” He eventually ends up in Norway, where the treasure he found on his escape has helped him to finance his further research. After he is killed to try and steal his a special artifact he has, his son continues to find a way to finish his work, and thus the Leviathan is born – a mighty submarine, built around the time of the Civil War, but 100 years ahead of it’s time, to be used for peace, and helping the world’s oceans. Knowledge of the sub disappears after the civil war, but something is out there in the seas now, sending out unknown weapons that can disintegrate a whole battleship in seconds. And then demands are made that oil shipping be stopped, and travel on the sea restricted to civilians. They want to preserve and protect the ocean life, much of which is dying, as well as a certain new element. Led by a fanatical woman, and a faithful crew, the story continues with the Event group working from outside and inside the sub to stop the attack, and find out the mysteries and discoveries of this vessel. Great, ripping yarn as they used to say. Fun, lots of references to books, people, etc. I always enjoy the books in the series, and this as no exception.

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