Review: Embryo

Embryo by Charles Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is another Wilson book that I read about 12 years ago. I think. I didn’t note it in the book, so if I did, then either I forgot, or I got it from the library and later acquired a copy. Anyway, it’s the story of a beautiful, wealthy model/starlet who comes to a small bail bond/private detective firm, which was recommended to her by a friend who had used their services in the past. She wants them to do some investigation about the rumors of a doctor in Mexico or who was able to create babies outside the womb – basically a type of test tube baby grown in an artificial womb. She wants to find out if this happened and or speak to anyone who was involved. She wants a baby, but doesn’t want what having baby does to your body. She has the money, a lot, and since Ross Channing recently graduated from law school, and he and his partner, shortly to graduate, intend to set up practice, and disband the bail bonds service, he agrees. He calls an old friend and contact in Mexico, and asks him to investigate, thinking it will be a dead end, but it isn’t. At least not that kind of dead. Soon things begin to spiral out of control, as people are killed, and the secrets of the past begin to unfold. Ross takes a liking to Bailey, and stays at her side, helping her through this minefield of science, and those who wish to stop it. Cutting edge science (for then), and lots of bodies piling up make this a good solid non-disease medial thriller. The only nagging issue to me is Bailey’s obsession to go so far out of the norm in order not to have to carry a child. Many other models and actresses have done so with no ill effects that can be seen, or can be airbrushed out. So the motivation is sketchy, and there is a sort of eew factor involved, but I enjoyed it, esp. it’s drippy Louisiana setting.

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