Review: Fertile Ground

Fertile Ground
Fertile Ground by Charles Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A good solid medical thriller. Delaney Jeffries and his wife Jordan, are scientists exploring the Amazon jungle when they stumble upon a group of Indians that blows a dart at Jordan, and seems to be ready to attack the rest of them. They radio for the helicopter to return immediately, and since by that time, several of their members were looking ill they headed for home, as that had been the last leg anyway. But unknown to them at the time, a lethal virus had entered their systems, and that some of them were dying, exhibiting signs of rage and cannibalism. Meanwhile, the freighter that brought them to the area where they could hop a flight home, is also having trouble – they found a murder victim on board, but one by one, they too are felled by the sickness. The Us government immediately goes into crisis mode, quarantine, etc., and tries to find not only the virus or bacteria that created this toxin, but also the mode of contagion. And then it’s back to the scene of it all, as the try and trace the origins, in that fertile ground before one of them dies from it….

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