Why I Blog

Recently someone made a comment correcting me as to the location of a book that was a companion to the one I was reviewing.  While I know that mistakes are made, and comments are appreciated, it was somewhat terse, and I felt reprimanded.  Childish, but there it is.  But the flip side is that I don’t NOT want comments.  Just my hyper-sensitivity at play.  So as a way of compromise here the scoop:

I have MS, and the lesions on my brain have destroyed several essential areas – memory, mostly short-term, and global processing skills, among other things.  That, and some other auto-immune problems have led me to a point where I can’t do much, and I can’t recall what I read last week, let alone last year.

The minor mistake has been corrected.  I do these reviews on Goodreads, where I do them for my own edification, so that if a book title come along that looks familiar, or I read the previous book in the series, I can go back, get caught up on the plot, and why I liked or didn’t like it.  I tend to be generous in my ratings.  I am not by nature that critical, and these are for me first and foremost – to help me keep track of what read.  I decide to post a few on my blog, just to get it back up and running, and got a great response, so I decided to keep it going.  I do not hold myself out as a book blogger, nor do I get books in the mail, or any other perks a more professional one would receive.  As you can see from my reviews, they are a lot about plot recap, and why I did or didn’t like it.  Not like the author comment’s on a book:  “So and so is the next _____.  Fresh, taut thriller leaves you gasping for air.  Don’t plan on sleeping tonight….” etc.  I save that for the others.

However the comment left me, as always, unsure of what I am doing and why, and I have decided to stop posting them here for a short while until I feel some confidence returning.  Those who really wish to see them in the meantime can follow me at Goodreads under Kristin Lundgren.  Comments are still appreciated, but maybe a smiley face to take the sting off?  🙂

This isn’t anyone’s fault but my own, as I knew when I started this, and mentioned it several times, that I have memory problems, and get confused.  But I decided to go ahead anyway.  So it’s on my head.  And I am super sensitive about it – I was the genius, the MENSA girl, the one who was in the top percentage taking the PSAT, the GMAT, the LSAT.  The woman with a bright future.  MS robbed me of a lot of what makes that happen, and what made me me, and it’s been very hard to adjust.  Not complaining, just explaining why I am so very sensitive about my problems.

But everyone, and anyone, for the future, please keep in mind that these are NOT professional reviews, nor are they ever intended to be, but are more my stream of consciousness.  There is little editing that goes on beyond the typos that I can find, which isn’t always all of them.  They were just for fun here.  To share my love of the books I read, and hope for some discussion now and then about them, since I don’t get to talk to people about books.  They are conversations.  I miss discussing books with people. 😉

See you soon. K


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