Review: Abyss

Abyss by David Hagberg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a good solid contemporary thriller about what is happening right now in the energy field – the power players, and would-be brokers, and what is at stake. Dr. Eve Larson has developed a project, for which she is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize that will use the gulf stream, through giant impellers, and harness it’s energy and pump it back to the mainland through cables, to serve the eastern seaboard. She believes that when the research is complete, she will be able to change some of the violent weather happening now, and even control it in the future. But big oil, and OPEC, and the big oil bank in Dubai, as well as a hedge fund oil derivatives manager, don’t share that vision. They want to get rid of nuclear power plants,wind and solar energy, and make the world dependent on oil reserves to make the electricity that everyone knows is what is really gong to drive America and other nations – electric cars, but it’s the source of the electricity that’s at stake. Oil, where billions are invested, or this new clean, free energy. So they hire a team of mercenaries and terrorists to help slow down and eventually stop her project, using a revivalist preacher with presidential leanings to whip the country up against the nuclear power plant danger, and her “God Project,” in thinking she can control the weather. With Kirk McGarvey, ex CIA director, now with NNSA, and his assistant, Gail, also with NNSA, they set out to thwart the plans anywhere they can, forcing the other party to raise the stakes even higher. A good taut thriller, with strong characters in the personage of Kirk and his fellow computer geeks, showing the politicalization of energy, and how we may not be able to stop oil, even if we wanted to.

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