Review: Dry Ice

Dry Ice
Dry Ice by Bill Evans
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another in the Evans/Jameson weather thrillers, this one takes place in the middle of Antarctica, 1000 miles inland, at a remote and mysterious facility owned by a large agricultural firm. Ostensibly it is to monitor the weather and help predict where and when good crops will prevail. Secretly, they use manipulate weather so that rain falls on areas they own that need it, and dry out areas that don’t. They do good works, working in remote areas like the NE tip of Afghanistan, helping to build the self-sufficiency of the farmers, and bring them out of the stone age, investing in infrastructure, like schools, roads, hospitals. They do this all over the world. But the man who basically built and invented the facility, a creative genius in the field named Greg, has his own agenda. The company has been working with the Pentagon helping them by directing certain weather events to areas where it might help turn the tide of global politics. But Greg has his own agenda with the Pentagon once Flint decided the orders were getting too dangerous and were hurting people, and he intends to continue it. But Flint finds out, and send in Tess Beauchamp, the only other person who might be able to run the station but who is an enemy of Greg’s. They don’t tell him that he is being replaced and recalled to the states until her plane is in the air. But Greg has a surprise in store. Long ago he started working on placing logic bombs into the software that controls the array in just such an event, so that if anyone tampers with it, it triggers massive weather effects, including tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, heat, even volcanic activity and earthquakes. Thus begins a race against time to outwit Greg and his sequenced catastrophes. A thriller of a ride, but plenty of technical information for the geek at heart. I recommend their other work as well.

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One response to “Review: Dry Ice

  1. Interesting premise. Sounds like a good thriller.