Review: Skull Session

Skull Session
Skull Session by Daniel Hecht
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a psychological thriller about a young man who has Tourette’s, his son who suffers from some unknown neurological disease similar to autism, but with epileptic episodes, his girlfriend, and his family, who are somewhat normal and some who seem crazy. He is a teacher, without a job, and needs money, so when his crazy aunt calls and asks him to look in on her mansion up in Westchester County, NY, and repair the extensive damage done by vandalism, he accepts. So he and his girlfriend move up to the old house and begin restoration and sorting through her personal papers, but nothing is as it seems. Long-buried family secrets come to light,and the devils inside his head that he combats start to return with a vengeance. A powerful and unforgettable psychological thriller with horror overtones make this one a great read, although the depth of the psychological and neurological information can slow the narrative down at times. Well-researched, and a good read. My second time around. First read it in 2000.

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