Review: Saving Cascadia

Saving Cascadia
Saving Cascadia by John J. Nance
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is classic Nance – good solid thriller, clean cut, with no high body count. This one involves a fault line in Washington State, a zone of quietude (no action at all), and pressure building up from the plates moving, along with some geological problems beneath the island itself. Despite the warnings from an eminent seismologist, an engineering firm certifies the island as sound, and a developer builds a big casino complex on the island along with a convention center and hotel. But as warned, the activity in building the resort has caused problems. The area is unique in that, as the seismologist proposes, the fault line under it will amplify the pounding and drilling pressures above, sending it deep into the ground and could awaken the sleeping giant underneath, which it does. As the resort crumbles, something must be done to ferry the guests to safety, and a local air ambulance and air taxi service is brought in. They also need to try and stop the big one from coming. Strong characters, including some strong female leads, and some surprises along the way make this a solid thriller. Nance never fails to deliver.

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