Review: SecondWorld

SecondWorld by Jeremy Robinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read a lot of YA books which tend to fall into the paranormal/fantasy, SF, and dystopian genres, and a few stragglers. And I enjoy them, some immensely. But they don’t give me that thrill. That rush of adrenaline, which I had been missing. Then I picked up Jeremy Robinson’s latest thriller. He writes like James Rollins and Matt Reilly – somewhat improbable plot, improbable feats of derring-do, etc. But they are fun and enjoyable, and they all do well in bringing people to life. And that was this book. Using a new character, an NCIS agent, it starts out with him underwater, supposedly studying some ocean stuff in an underwater habitat, but really an enforced vacation. Then strange red flakes start falling, and his habitat is unlivable and he surfaces, to find all life around him dead. He manages to get to shore, and works his way up the coast to Miami where it appears everyone has died from the red flakes, so he uses his scuba gear to be able to keep breathing, because somehow, the red flakes sucked the oxygen out of the air. What follows is his attempt to reach a safer zone, save a sick little girl, and be one of the few people trusted by POTUS to help save the world. Fun, blasting energy, but time for some small moments as well – sharing pudding with the girl, talking and joking with his comrades, a motley rag-tag bunch. It’s pure adrenaline, a headlong rush into a secret plot that has been hatching for 70 years – “an enemy reborn from the ashes of WWII“. Can’t say more without spoilers – it’s that kind of book, but once again he proves he is a master at his genre. Great action, great characters, fun, if improbable set-up, and a roller coaster ride to the finish line. And that was a wake-up, a refresher, from the quieter books I have been reading, so my next few reviews will be in this genre. Once I get started it takes me a few to stop. Then I get overloaded, and need to go back to the quieter ones – the YA genres. So if this is not to your taste, stay tuned. I won’t stay here forever, just a drop-in now and then to refresh myself at the font of action and mayhem.

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