Review: Embrace

Embrace by Jessica Shirvington
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Violet is a normal 16 yr old girl, who enjoys school, has fun with her best friend Sophie, and trains with a guy she met in an exercise class. He is teaching her various martial arts moves, running, and rock climbing. She finds it fun, and is drawn to Lincoln in a deep way. But they are just friends. She wonders if there might be more, but he always pulls away just when that moment occurs that might lead to something more. Then one day she meets Phoenix, a dark, brooding type, with an air of mystery about him. He is always there for her, albeit in a sort of stalkerish way, and she begins to fall for him. On her 17th birthday, something weird happens. Her body begins some small changes, and she is confronted with a dangerous man, but Phoenix takes care of it. She confronts Phoenix about him, and he tells her that she is Grigori, half human, half angel, sent to guard humans from the exiled angels in human form who, whether light or dark, seem to get out of hand. She confronts Lincoln about this, and he brings in his mentor, Griffin. But she can’t forgive Lincoln for not telling her, and letting her think that he really liked her, not merely because she was his “partner” as a Grigori. Her anger at Lincoln builds, even as her power grows, and exiled angels seek her out and try and hurt her. But in one of those encounters, Lincoln is gravely wounded, but regular medicine won’t help, so she must choose whether to embrace what she is and become fully Grigori, and heal Lincoln, or to not, and let things be, where Lincoln will most likely die. The rest of the story is about her choice, the war between exiles and Grigori, and her heart. Learning to trust her instincts. A decent book, but I found it slow going, which is why the 3 rating. It took me part of three nights. It might have been me, the mood I was in, but then the next book I read in the same evening all the way through. So I don’t know why this didn’t fully engage me. I like angel stories, it had action, but I guess I wasn’t really into the heroine -There were too many gaps in who she was, what she thought about things other than the major plot points, and a lack of character in the people around her. Humor was lacking.

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