Review: Clarity

Clarity by Kim Harrington
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A decent entry in the YA paranormal genre. Clarity, or Clare as she is known, comes from a family of psychics. Her parents lived and grew up in a psychic community in the Western part of the state, met, fell in love, and for some reason, bought an old Victorian house on the Cape, no resident ghosts, and set up shop. Her father left fifteen years earlier for no apparent reason, when she was a toddler. Her gift is to hold someone’s personal object and see visions through their eyes of recent events. Her mother can read current thoughts only, and her brother can connect to the spirit world, sometimes, if the spirit is connected to a person nearby. They are the real deal, but still have to deal with skeptics. This book also has a love triangle, but it is merely a circling of sharks. No great undying love declared. All is going swimmingly in the summer, although she is cooped up with summer tourists wanting readings – they all do them as a group. They believe it is not possible to see into the future, so they give the clients a taste of what they can do, and they generally leave satisfied. No bad readings allowed. But one day, Clare is drafted. A teenage tourist has been murdered, and they have little to go on. The mayor, knowing an unsolved murder is bad for business, hires her to work with the police and do a take on some of the victim’s objects. The hot shot detective doesn’t believe in this, nor does his hot son, but they agree, and she finds things that lead to other things. She still has her cheating ex-boyfriend on her mind, and is making up with an old frenemy, a rich boy whom she had told on about cheating many years ago, which cost the family a lot of money to cover up so he could still go to an Ivy League school and on to politics. Meanwhile, her brother is acting suspiciously, and she finds out that he had been with the victim just before she died. As she decided to delve deeper, knowing her brother couldn’t kill, she keeps uncovering more lies and deception. The book ended with a nice cliffhanger. Most ends tied up but a few left open for future books. I’d like to see more of these.

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