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Enchanted by Alethea Kontis
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This is a frothy, silly, enchanting mash-up of almost all the fairy tale memes. Some are crucial to the book’s development, other’s mentioned in passing, and others just plot devices, but they are there. The fun thing, for someone like me who is a fairy tale lover, is identifying them all. Apparently this came out of a challenge at a writer’s workshop in which they were to choose several fairy tale themes from various columns and put them together. She did all of them, inspired by one guy before her who had done the same thing with a different theme set, with The Hand of Don Peron. I used to sit up on Saturday mornings, for years as a kid and pre-teen, reading Andrew Lang’s color fairy books, the Blue Fairy Book, the Lilac, and so forth. He collected fairy stories from around the world, and put them in a large collection of books. Combine that with my own small pb collection, Prince and Princess Stories To Read Aloud, and you get a girl obsessed with the fairy world, and the magic therein. So this book was my delight. It may not appeal to those who don’t have an eye for magic, romance or fey things, but this charming story of Sunday, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, who happens to catch the eye of a frog, a prince enchanted by a fairy godmother. They begin a friendship that is precious to her, and one day, when she leaves, she kisses him, and true love breaks the spell. but she is already gone back to her woodcutter’s family, and doesn’t know that he has turned into the crown prince. So the prince devises a series of balls, and much mayhem and matchmaking ensues. Plenty of action, drama, danger and romance brought right, as the sisters all find their place in this magical world. A keeper if there ever was one.

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