Review: Struck

Struck by Jennifer Bosworth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a paranormal story of a teenage girl, who over the past several years has been struck countless times by lightening. Sometimes she has been killed, and revived. Her hair has been burnt off, but she craves it. It makes her feel alive. Then one day, after something bad happened as a result of the stored energy in her body, they moved from Arizona to LA. Somehow, lightening, in a huge storm, struck again, and it triggered a fault under the area she was living in. Her mother was trapped in rubble at work for days,and hasn’t been the same since. Now she watches the TV evangelist, Prophet, who promises if the believers come to him, when the final storm comes, to break the 6th seal, they will be protected. He and his followers wear white. Standing against them, since Prophet and his minions want to bring lightening to the city, and trigger the apocalypse, are the Seekers – those who merely want to contain the power of the other group and somehow divert the disaster looming, while seeking out others with the same energy. Mia is caught in the middle of it all, both groups believing that her great power, and the energy she not only stores, but can call forth, is essential to their goal. Standing against both groups is a boy she just met, Jeremy, who wants her to stay away from both groups, but there is more to Jeremy as well. This is a slam bang right to the wall, edge of your set thriller for teens. Other than a shortened version, and with a paranormal twist, it’s your basic adventure/thriller in disguise. Set in a rubble strewn LA, with not everything working, and having to go to school just to get ration cards for food handouts, it reminds you of what lengths people will go to and what they will believe, to make things right again. Good – wonder if there will be more.

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