Review: Deception

Deception by Lee Nichols
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This light YA book is the first in a series of at least 3. Personally I think they could have been made into one larger book, but I guess they like to keep the teen books shorter at times. Series are big. This was a nice entry into the paranormal world, since it involved the ability to see ghosts, but also manipulate them, although Emma, the main character, doesn’t know this. All she knows is that one day her parents, who away on a trip, can’t be reached and she is taken by her “guardian,” a guy she knows only as her older brother’s friend” to Boston, from SF, and enrolled in a private boarding school there. But something has happened, and she starts seeing more and more things she can’t explain. Nice romance, details about a different aspect of the ghost business, and charmingly and lovingly told, esp. about the ghost themselves. Set in a museum of a house, in a New England town just outside of Boston that prides itself on it’s “dunking chair,” there is a bunch of history, and a lot of action. It rarely lets down for a moment. Esp. as she comes to realize her powers, and that in turn leads to more problems and encounters with strong forces of evil.  I have the 2nd book ready to go, after the one I’m reading now.  Slight, but amiable, and warm-hearted. I enjoyed it.

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