Review: Death Sentence

Death Sentence
Death Sentence by Alexander Gordon Smith
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In this third installment in the Escape from Furnace series, our boy Alex has been caught at the end of the last book in his attempt to break-out of the ultra impenatrable fortress in the ground, called Furnace. Evil things and evil experiments lurk in these dark and dank levels below ground, unsanctioned by those above, although he was tried and convicted of a murder he never committed, so all is not well up “there.” So alex is in the clutches of the evil warden again – this time he will be turned into one of the soulless black suits as they are called – the warden’s soldiers. He starts undergoing treatments that change his body physically and psychological torture aimed at breaking his spirit and burying who he is, and allowing him to become a soulless man of the future. He becomes much stronger, super strong, and is taller, bulging muscles, and a black poison, called the nectar, is what allows the black suits to retain their power and strength, as well as filling them with anger and hatred of those around them. What happens in this book is that some still believe he can be saved, and that freedom is possible, and so we are led on an action-packed, never let you catch your breath journey through Alex’s transformation, and subsequent events. The book should close the story, but it doesn’t. Another book is awaiting us, sometime this year, to hopefully finish this series, and allow Alex some peace, after all the horrors he has endured. Not for the faint at heart, this is a somewhat violent and gruesome book, but boys will like it, and some girls. I’m 55 and I liked it. Not great for me, but then I want more than just action, although the author does well with his characters over the course of the series – making them dimensional, real. But this is not a happy world, and not all survive. Difficult, life-altering decisions have to be made. Three and a half stars.

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