Review: Ripple

Ripple by Mandy Hubbard
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A slight book, decent, but I’ve read better. Not much to sink your teeth into, and slightly forgettable. Lexi is a young girl, who starts out the book with a new school year, where once again her one-time friends will shun her and even bully her, because they think in some way she was responsible for the death of her boyfriend, two years ago. And she herself thinks that way, and is reluctant to allow others close so that not only can she punish herelf with guilt by being lonely, but also protect them from herself – the boys. But one boy, someone from her old clique, keeps trying to connect with her. Which could be dangerous if she allows it. She’s a siren. On her 16th birthday, she lured her boyfriend to the ocean, where she sang and swam until he was dead. Up until then, she had no idea that she was a siren, as her mother had died when she was young and never told her. It manifests on the 16th birthday usually. It’s a curse from long ago. So she goes every night to a lake, to swim and sing, which make her feel better – if she doesn’t, she gets ill, full of pain. And she doesn’t sleep. She swims 8-9 hours a night. From dusk til dawn. In the winter it can be up ti 12 hours a night. The book is filled with her reluctance to allow Cole to get close to her, and a new guy who thinks he can help her, and her enemies/friends, who once they figure out that she loved her boyfriend and is devastated by his death (they don’ t know the full story), want to have her back in their circle. The characters, once again, aren’t fully developed, and the basic plot, while interesting, gets tangled into something else by the end. The big final “battle” just didn’t fit into the book for me. So I gave it 3 1/2. What could have been a great character study of a lonely girl, forced by circumstance to swim every night for eternity, or until she takes her own life like her mother did, just became another teen drama.

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