Review: Lost Voices

Lost Voices
Lost Voices by Sarah Porter
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

There are few books that I don’t finish – I will try on most,even though it’s a slog at times, hoping that all will come together in the end, or that a series is planned that might make up for some deficiencies (you have to spread some of the deeper stuff through out the series), but this one I gave up on after about 15 minutes. I tried, I really did. I read other parts of the book, but just couldn’t get past what I found to be a juvenile, simplistic approach to writing and characterization. The plot was okay – young girls, discarded by the families and society, end up as sort of vengeful mermaid/sirens, but it just didn’t catch. The protagonist lived with her drunk uncle who tried to rape her and she fell of the cliff – it wasn’t even a suicide. And all of a sudden, (unexplained then, and I think even later), she was a mermaid – the only explanation was that sad girls do when they jump into water (even that part isn’t clear). They aren’t pleasant, none of them, and no truly sympathetic character arises, even our heroine. There are babies who are discarded humans, who are larvae as they call them, that cry at the outskirts of the group – they can’t kill each other or harm them, so they ignore them, and taunt them. And these helpless “babies” are abandoned humans once. And now they are condemned to live forever (not long, since they often get eaten by orcas – said with glee), and since mermaids always stay the same age as when they died, they can’t grow to be regular mermaids. Unpleasantness abounds, and so little development of the mythos/lore of the mermaid siren. Just plain old teen nastiness and petty jealousy. The leader is bi-polar, and it just stuck in my gut and I couldn’t get past the first few chapters. I had to quit.

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