Review: Wisdom’s Kiss

Wisdom's Kiss
Wisdom’s Kiss by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a frothy delightful confection of a book. Told in a series of letters, diaries, encyclopedia entries, and even a play, it deals with the fairy-tale like exploits of a tavern girl named Trudy, her long gone love, a soldier (perhaps), named Tips, and a recalcitrant princess bride named Wisdom (aka Dizzy). Add in an unusual emperor and his traveling circus, a mysterious cat, some magic, a scheming duchess, a kindly dowager queen, and Wisdom’s sister, who now sits in the throne of one the the more prosperous kingdoms and thus is a target of schemes galore. Funny, engaging, sad, happy, this book will delight you, and it brought me back to my young teen Saturday mornings, where I would sit in bed and read volume after volume of Andrew Lang’s color (i.e. The Blue) Fairy Books. I can’t say more without giving way the plot which is also a lot like some of Shakespeare’s comedies in the twists and turns of true love, and the dastardly doings of evil villains. But I enjoyed this book more than I have most in the past several months, and it’s stayed with me more – a rare thing for me, so I gave it the 5 star treatment.

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