Review: The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home
The Long Way Home by Andrew Klavan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Second in the series about Charlie West, who in the last book, woke up in a torture chamber, unable to recall why he was there, or what happened. He escaped, and he gradually finds out that he is wanted for murder of an old friend of his, and that he was tried and convicted and sentenced to jail, but escaped, and somehow ended up with a bunch of home-grown terrorists allied with Islamist fundamentalists. In this book, he escapes the clutches of the police, who found him as he tried to get more information about his trial, etc., and he decides to head back to his hometown. His parents have moved away, and he doesn’t want to get them or his friends in trouble – just try and do some sleuthing on his own. But they figure this out, and surprise him by showing up at a childhood spot they figured he might go to. Along with them is a girl he admired, Beth, who turns out was his girlfriend for that past year – he just doesn’t recall it. But in the lonely hours between sleuthing, she fills in some of the gaps, and he figures out at least one of the players that might have framed him for the murder and gotten him involved with these “Homelanders.” A lot of the book is filled with his thoughts and memories of his karate lessons, his sensei Mike, and the dojo, which figure prominently in how he processes things. A good book, not great, but interesting, easy to read, and there are still two more to go. These are slight books -together all four would have made a decent longer book, but they are at an easier level, although the plot isn’t really for the middle set. Just an easier read, probably to bring boys, who are generally not as into reading at that age, into the fold. These are definitely “guy” stories, but I still enjoyed them. Lots of action, some even nail-biting, and humor move the story along.

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