Review: The Space Between

The Space Between
The Space Between by Brenna Yovanoff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a wonderful book about a girl who is half demon, and half angelic (Lucifer is her father, Lilith her mother). She resides in Pandemonium, the city for fallen angels, demons, and lost souls who have been dragged down to the pan pits to be tortured souls. Her brother is half demon like herself, but he is a good sort, and was put into the job of looking after souls in need of help. He works on Earth often in hospitals, nursing homes, etc., trying to ease the pain and suffering of those who need it. One day, a cousin of Daphne’s, Moloch, one of the “bone men” who collect souls as they are dying, arrives at the portal with a young boy. Her brother Obie, the saver of such souls, is there as well, trying to ensure that the boy, Truman, gets taken back to earth, but the cousin says he’s hopeless, and wants to die. So Beezlebub steps in and orders the boy and Obie back to earth. A short while later her mother, Lilith, who can’t leave the city, tell Daphne that her brother has gone missing and she must find him. She sneaks out of the city and into Earth, where she tries to locate her brother by finding the boy he brought back. But time goes differently on earth than in Pandemonium – more time has passed and it’s now a year later. And so the adventure begins, as they track Obie’s whereabouts around Chicago and later Las Vegas, followed by Moloch, her cousin, and Azrael, the fallen angel who’s mission it is to cleanse the earth of demons, and his henchthing, Dark Dreadful. A fanciful plunge into the hellish world, and a romance that impossibly blossoms with Truman. Along the way, he learns to live and understand his pain, and she learns what love actually is, having never known it – it doesn’t exists in Pandemonium. A charming tale, and I hope there are more to come.

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