RANGE OF GHOSTS (I): What We Talk About When We Talk About Bear


Check out this review (link above) of Elizabeth Bear’s new book, Range of Ghosts, which is described as central epic asian fantasy.  The author is “That Boy I Like” but he explains their relationship and how they view each other’s work, so hopefully that will dispel any notions of bias.

“Think of the cultures that spanned the eastern portions of what was once called the “Silk Road,” separated by vast harsh distances but intimately linked by trade. The world is more than numinous; the sky itself changes to reflect the prevailing paradigms of the people who live in each great region. In some places the sun sets in the west, in others it sets in the east, and the vaults of the heavens will re-order themselves in an instant (from a mortal perspective) as a character crosses a border.”

Now if that doesn’t make you want to go out and read it, you’re hopeless 😉

Bear is a great writer.  She started with the Jenny Casey trilogy, straight SF, almost military, with a twist.  I loved them.  Then she branched out into the vast unknown reaches of Norse folklore, Elvish things, etc.  Her talent is prodigious, and I highly recommend her.  I have never read anything of her that I don’t like, and that includes her short stories, and her blog, which can be found at: http://matociquala.livejournal.com/2125562.html


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