Review: Wildefire

Wildefire by Karsten Knight
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A real romp of a book.  Written by a guy, he still manages to negotiate the twists and turns of a teenage girl though parents,  boyfriends,  friends and school.  Asheline is Polynesian, who along with her sister Eve, was taken from an orphanage on an island,  and raised together by rich Jewish parents in a wealthy area of Boston. Eve was the wild child,  and Ash was the do-gooder (in comparision!) for the most part.  When Eve ran away,  it was really hard on the family but they adjusted.  The books starts with Ash in the middle of a fight in the parking lot with a girl who stole her boyfriend.  She hits her and splits her lip.  Then up drives her runaway sister Eve,  who takes matters in hand and really lays in on the girl.  Things happen, and it escalates later on, and so Ash decides to move away from her rich stuffy home,  and go to a private school in Northern California in the heart of the redwoods.  But things don’t go as smoothly as she hoped. Her sister keeps barging in, she finds that there is something different about her and some of her friends at school,  and the action becomes rather intense,  while woven around a normal teen life – dances,  dresses,  classes,  boyfriends.  The tone is light,  the action endless,  and the idea a fun one.  Looking forward to the next in the series.  Knight writes with a good eye for the female protagonist, and the romance scenes are normal, and seem like they were written by a female (to me, that’s a compliment!).  Who and what Ash is is the theme for the book as she discovers more about herself and her friends,  who are more than just “normal.”

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