Review: Fracture

Fracture by Megan Miranda
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a nice, little paranormal story – nothing great, but nothing bad.  Delaney is walking across the ice on a lake in Maine one day when it fractures, and she falls in.  Weighted down by her parka, she has no chance – she gets to the surface and is trapped under the ice unable to find the hole.  Her best friend Dexter, who had gone on ahead, comes back, and with the help of some friends, he saves her.  But she is dead.  He does CPR until the ambulance arrives, and eventually she sort of awakes, but is in what they think is a persistent vegetative coma.  After all, she was dead for 11 minutes.  Severe brain injury.  But she wakes, astounding the doctors.  And she is fine , after a little help.  The only problem is her brain scans are highly abnormal – she shouldn’t be able to walk and talk and think.  But she does.  So she tries to resume her life, but something has changed.  She is being pulled in different directions – feeling a tug towards certain places.  And how she figures that out – the why of it, and who she meets along the way to “help” with it is the basis of the story, along with relationship troubles with her best friend.  The main trouble with the book for me, and I’m middle-aged, was the teen romance – not telling anyone how you really feel, not sharing what’s going on in your life with our friend, your parents, etc.  Trying to keep it bottled up just leads to some major difficulties, and hurt relationships.  Not enough of her “gift” and more on the intricacies of teen angst.  But not a bad book, just not quite my style.  I like more plot driven books, unless the characters were compelling, and I just didn’t find her compelling enough – she seemed sort of faceless, as though even the reader couldn’t know what she felt.

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