Review: Crossed

Crossed by Ally Condie
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This second book in the Matched trilogy came to me from the library in large print edition. Which gave me an impression that the original was slight, since this one had very short chapters, and wasn’t that long. It continued the story started in the first (Warning: spoilers ahead if you haven’t read the first book), of Cassia and Ky, who were wrongly matched at the ceremony for choosing your mate. Xander her long time friend, and the match that was supposed to be, is fairly absent in this book, both physically as well as emotionally. Only one small major scene with him in it. This book is about her obsession with Ky, his in surviving and trying to find Cassia, and a couple of new people picked up along the way who had heard of a resistance group. The importance of one of her favorite banned poems helped tie some of it together, but although I loved the first book, this one left me wanting more, a lot more. It was just so little to sink your teeth into. You can only traverse the came defile canyon so many times, and meet in the same spots, before it gets old. And the descriptions of the Society, the Officials and Officers, and it’s opposition, the Uprising, were just sort of loosely flung in the story line. This was mainly a plaintive “I will do anything to find my boyfriend,” and be stupid about it at the same time, taking risks I don’t need to, and for some unknown reason, once I find him, decide that the Uprising might be more important (which is sort of huh! – where did that come from). I actually downgraded it writing this review. I was just that disappointed. Not a bad book, but one that really did nothing to advance the story arc, except add a small amount of detail about the resistance movement, and fill in some of Ky’s backstory, but no one else’s. Hopefully the last book in the trilogy will bring it all together. To me this was an example of selling a story arc, based on a first book, and not being able to pull it off under the time pressure constraints of a contract. I may be wrong, but it felt rushed.

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