Review: Life Eternal

Life Eternal
Life Eternal by Yvonne Woon
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This is the sequel to Dead Beautiful, and I didn’t think I’d read Dead beautiful, although tiny bits and pieces seemed familiar as I read it. So I went on Goodreads, where all these reviews are done, and found that yes, I had read it, back in May of last year. So less than a year ago and I had forgotten nearly the entire book – that’s what my memory is like. Though as I read this one, through vague references to the past one, pieces came back, but I think I would have benefited from a reread, or a long synopsis of the first. That said, this is a great book, and could even stand on it’s own in many ways, since obviously I enjoyed and didn’t recall the first very much. It starts out with Renee in summer break from Gottfried Academy, a school for the Undead, and the Monitors, of which Renee is one, and her boyfriend an Undead. Her family history is steeped in monitor lore, and although he brought her back to life last year by kissing her (a kiss from the undead can kill you, but if he happens to be the one soulmate n the world from you, apparently he can also bring you back to life, well, almost). She has changed, in subtle ways. The story surrounds her new school in Montreal, new friends, and a search from the past for a secret so big that many would kill for it, including the young Undead, that might be a way for her and Dante to be together. You see, once a person dies, under the age of 21 as I recall, they are reborn, mostly the same, but age, slowly and they can live for only 21 years after their first awakening. Dante has been an Undead now for 17 years. They cannot kiss, since that would kill her, and he can’t be seen by anyone at her school, or any in the town, since the Monitors are everywhere, and Montreal was originally built as a Monitor stronghold. Monitors wish to watch the Undead, to determine their motives, and if bad, to bury them with rituals, so that they stay in peace. But there are many who think Dante killed someone, and so he would be killed on sight. It is an interesting premise, not quite zombie, not quite ghost. Just undead – cold, but they can touch, see, hear, etc. It’s an interesting twist, and the city of Montreal is beautifully described. All in all, a fun book, esp. if you like doomed love.

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  1. Dr. Mitsu Vaishnav

    Seems interesting !!! Worth a Read 🙂