Future of Blog?

I wanted to ask my readers about a proposed change I might make – the blog used to be about all sorts of things, although a lot focused on SF movies and books, and teen books.  But I touched on all sorts of science and social topics.  I have let that part slip, and instead have been using my reviews of books I am reading.

What do you, the reader, think of breaking my blog in two and creating one just for book reviews and upcoming books, etc (it would be YA), and leaving this blog for all sorts of other topics, like the Chinese Exclusion Act that I wanted to write about.  It would include adult books, forthcoming movies, and that vast array of topics that is my brain.  They would be more infrequent, since I spend a certain amount of time on my semi-daily book reviews, and a lot of time on Facebook, posting on those topics that I could blog about as well.  But it would enable readers to pick and choose what parts they like.  Or would you prefer just reading about whatever comes to my mind, skipping those that don’t interest you?  I am anxious to get back to blogging about more than just books.   Look at my categories on the side for the type of topics I covered previously.  Any ideas?  Comments are welcomed, insisted on, etc.  Thanks, Kristin.


One response to “Future of Blog?

  1. I like your plan 🙂