Review: Blood Sun

Blood Sun
Blood Sun by David Gilman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another in the Tom Gordon, boy wonder series. This is the third in the series. Tom is the son of two prominent eco-scientists, who risked life and limb to track down eco-criminals. His mother died in the jungles of Central America, and that’s the main setting for this book. His father is still in a convalescent home, being treated for memory loss following horrendous torture at the hands of eco-terrorists. So Tom, in a boarding school in Dartmoor, is pretty much on his own. 15-16 years old, he has more self-reliance than someone in their 30s. And more sangre-froid. You need to suspend disbelief on this one, as we deal with faked passports, downloaded fake letters, and international travel, as well as all kinds of hair raising adventurers, as Tom sets out to find out what happened to his mom when she died – the truth. Did his father run away and leave her there? He is followed by a British MI-5 agent, who is trying to see what is going on, and figures out there is more to this than meets the eye, and an assassin, who is on his trail from the start, following a cryptic message from an old schoolmate who might have had information about his mother’s death, but he is dead, how and why isn’t known in the beginning. The assassin is there to keep him from figuring out what’s going on, and what his mother might have stumbled across. Although this particular mystery is solved, the giant international shadowy organization that was behind it is still there, ready for more encounters with Tom. A fast read, easy and fun.

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