Review: Ashes

Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fairly good book in the current spate of post-apocalytpic books coming out – I love PA books, especially when they aren’t just a bomb, or the basic meteor hits earth type – but even some of those are good. This one involves an EMP, actually many EMPs, but the source of the EMPs, and other incidents aren’t clear- – with it’s cliff hanger ending, I suspect there will be more, and it may become clear – it may be part of the plot. So I’ll leave that for now. Before the pulse, our heroine, Alex, who had a fatal brain tumor, decided to hike up to Lake Superior and scatter her dead parents ashes up there, where they had always wanted to be. She was on the way when the pulse happened, and had just met up with a young girl and her grandfather, who were hiking in the same park. The EMP affected people in different ways, and it’s how they were affected, and who was and who wasn’t, that creates the central theme for the book – add in a cultish small town, and various people, good and bad, along the way, and you have a teen version of The Road. I’ll reserve further judgement until the next book(s).

One note: My reviews tend to be short and more about letting me recall the books (I have a faulty memory – wires are burning out), and these reviews help keep it fresh, or else it would be gone in a few days. Also, I don’t want any spoilers, or more than I have to in order to give some flavor of the book. I believe that people should come into a book, knowing it’s basic premise, at least the start of it, and then finish the journey themselves. If it made sense to do two reviews I would – one full of spoilers, one not. But someone would read the spoiler one, and later decide they wished they hadn’t, or they would run across it by accident, and I spoiled a great book for them. So forgive my brevity – I’d rather err on the side of caution.

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