Review: 20 Years Later

20 Years Later
20 Years Later by E.J. Newman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a great book – reads so easily, and I raced through it. Gripping plot of mostly kids, who have formed gangs following an unknown cause of people dying off and gone. Few adults in this new world. At the center is a young man with a gift, and his mother, who in the middle of two gangs, has made peace by supplying them with medical aid and supplies from her garden that she cultivates in the back of her house. The story unfolds slowly as more characters are introduced, more information on the gangs is brought forth, and the mystery slowly comes into focus when a young girl goes missing, but another young boy is just “found.” Can’t divulge much more about the plot without spoilers, but it’s a well-written tale of how people cope with such stress. The hero is torn – his belief in healing over hurting is strong, so strong that he can’t go along with the majority, even with his friends. His faith in himself never wavers, which feels right about a young 15 yr old teenage boy. Black and white to all of them. Revenge, honor, territory, all are “boundaries” that you don’t cross. Although the book stands on it’s own, it leaves open lots of questions as to why some of the kids are :different”, why they are the ones left after “it” happened, and what does the woman leader of one of the gangs really want. Looking forward to the sequel.

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