Girl Scouts have ‘radical policies’ ???

Rep. Bob Morris: Girl Scouts have ‘radical policies’


Verbatim text of letter from Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris, R-Fort Wayne, to fellow lawmakers.

February 18, 2012

This needs to be read through carefully – this is what this country is up against, and it is war! Some samples of the propaganda and lies spread about the Girl Scouts, based on “talking to some well-informed constituents, I did a small amount of web-based research..” Small amount indeed. Well-informed – on what??

“Nonetheless, abundant evidence proves that the agenda of Planned Parenthood includes sexualizing young girls through the Girl Scouts, which is quickly becoming a tactical arm of Planned Parenthood”

“Liberal progressive troop-leaders will indoctrinate the girls in their troop according to the principles of Planned Parenthood, making Bishop Conley’s warning true.”

“Many parents are abandoning the Girl Scouts because they promote homosexual lifestyles. In fact, the Girl Scouts education seminar girls are directed to study the example of role models. Of the fifty role models listed, only three have a briefly-mentioned religious background – all the rest are feminists, lesbians, or Communists. ”

“Boys who decide to claim a “transgender” or cross-dressing life-style are permitted to become a member of a Girl Scout troop, performing crafts with the girls and participate in overnight and camping activities – just like any real girl.” Any real girl!

“The fact that the Honorary President of Girl Scouts of America is Michelle Obama, and the Obama’s are radically pro-abortion and vigorously support the agenda of Planned Parenthood, should give each of us reason to pause before our individual or collective endorsement of the organization.” Oh, dear! Michelle Obama an honorary President. Take cover – hide your girls!

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2 responses to “Girl Scouts have ‘radical policies’ ???

  1. This one really got to ya, eh?? LOL 😀
    What I’d like to follow up on is that 15yo girl who reported on her blog that the GS seminars were teaching unsavory things 😉
    I’d also REALLY like to see that purported pamphlet that Planned Parenthood is handing out to every Girl Scout aged 10-14, called “Happy Healthy and Hot” 😀

    • What I found was that the brochure exists through IPPF, the world org. of which PPFA is an affiliate. The brochure is aimed at young people, mostly older ones who are living with someone, married even, and it’s aimed at those people who have AIDS, and to let them know that they still can have happy, healthy, sexual lives. I can find NO evidence so far that it was deliberately distributed by the Girl Scouts. Perhaps some Girl Scout somewhere was given a copy of the brochure because she told her troop leader her issues, and she thought it would help. And supposedly there is a video of the CEO of PPFA saying that they occ. worked with various groups, including Planned Parenthood, to educate girls on health, etc. Therefore A – the brochure of IPPF + B – the Girl Scouts using PPFA as a resource = C – Girl Scouts distributing a brochure for all girls to be happy healthy and Hot. And because they occ. use PPFA, they are pro-abortion obviously and are actively promoting it. Yah, right. And at this point I’m not even sure if the IPPF site with the brochure is not a spoofed site with it planted. But it is possible it exists, because elsewhere in the world, attitudes are different, and AIDS is rampant in some countries, and it’s trying to teach young women that it’s okay – your life is not at an end. A noble girl. Poor choice of title perhaps, but it is not fro the US PP, but the international one.