Review: Rivers of Fire

Rivers of Fire
Rivers of Fire by Patrick Carman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Second book in the Atherton trilogy, about a made world up above earth in the future after it has been ravaged by pollution, overpopulation, etc. this entry is a little slighter in terms of plot, length, and depth of adventure, but it goes heavily into more of the Atherton back story, slowly unfolding the creation of this world like layers on an onion. Edgar remains the focus, and you’ll find out why, but his friends and family play significant roles as Atherton changes once more. All the characters remain, and we lose a few good one, but although it was short, and an easy, fast read, it was satisfying. Carman does a great job at word-building, esp. when you take into account this is a book for young teens or pre-teens. The world is complex, and everything taken into account – how they live, work, eat, play, etc. Looking forward to the last book, The Dark Planet. Ugly cover though – the first book was so beautiful, it’s hard to believe they were the same series.

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