Grand Canyon Hiking Trial

Trial Set in Forced Grand Canyon Hikesabcnews.go.comTrial begins for Indiana man accused of forcing grandsons on sweltering Grand Canyon hikes

I don’t care if he didn’t whip them or really did give them food and water – you do NOT take kids that age into the Canyon – it is only for the fittest and the hardiest. Not for kids, unless perhaps on burros and they are older. It’s a long brutal trail, and the worst is coming back up. It is hot, dry, and not for anyone under the age of 16 to me. My brother and sister both worked there, my brother-in-law was a park ranger, and we made frequent family trips there, but I never attempted the climb down – my heart wasn’t strong enough. And i think the mother was at fault too, knowing they were going down, and how young they were, and that they were walking it! I don’t care is Disneyland was the carrot. It is abuse, pain and simple, then add the charges of whipping the kid with the shirt, shoving him, etc. seen by a ranger, and the lack of wood and water -the ranger, usually trained to notice such things said they all were dehydrated and had heat stroke or heat exhaustion. It was 108 degrees. And no doubt, his dad raised him to be tough – we need to cut these circles of violence and punishment. Doesn’t matter how you were raised – it matters what is best for the child. And if that kind of raising worked out so good for you, how come you’re on trial for it? 




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