Anna Dressed in Blood – YA short review

Heard a lot about this book too.  It was a decent story, about a young ghost hunter, who dispatches the bad ghosts to some unknown place (I’d like to find out more about that).  Followed around the country by his kitchen witch mom and their poltergeist sniffing cat, he has few friends his own age, and prefers it that way.  Until he is called to dispatch a blood thirsty ghost in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Nice locale, nice set of secondary characters, and if more in the series, hopefully they will be flushed out more.  Gory and scary for those who like that, and a twist on his usual ghost dispatching as he deals with an extremely powerful ghost, Anna Dressed in Blood as the locals call her.  She is more powerful than any he has seen, and he is also plagued by nightmares and problems, which culminate in a nice battle for good v. evil.  My main complaint with the book, and I think this was done for effect rather than an attempt to help the reader, was that the paper was slightly yellow white in cast and the print in a rusty red color, and not that dark.  It made reading hard, and I had to put my light on a higher setting, which makes my room hotter, and no I don’t like the new lights – the spectrum is just wrong to me.  It may just be my eyesight – It isn’t the greatest, and is also growing old.


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