Nano – a novel on the internet

Nano, by John Robert Marlow

One of the most thought provoking books I’ve read this year.  Backed up by his own experiences and knowledge, and a lot of research, it details the possible dangers of nano-technology being developed without a plan in place to regulate it.  Nano-technology has the potential to wipe out disease, poverty, war, and other ills, and make work unnecessary and even governments.  It is a powerful weapon in the wrong hands.  But the author is well aware of the benefits, and the fact that we will develop it, using the atom bomb as his example. The story is about a young developer of nano-technology, and his attempts to safely get the technology started, while being chased by government ops.  Lots of action, ingenious solutions, and fun, it would make a great movie.  Definitely a must-read for me.


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