Blood Red Road

I’m reading a book that I have heard a lot about, from book sites, readers, reviews, etc.  It’s Blood Red Road by Moira Young, and is a YA SF/Fantasy.  Set in a post-apocalyptic future, many hundreds of years hence, it’s the story of a young girl, who’s twin was captured by some mysterious men on horseback for an unknown purpose, and her journey to find him. I’m halfway through, and loving it.  I was initially put off, since it’s done in a very spare prose style, with the vernacular used then – lots of dropped consonants, like “an” instead of “and” – sort of an appalachian dialect.  But, like those funny posters that replace letters with symbols and you can still read them, after a few pages, you just forget all those missing letters and read, fast.  Has a feel of The Hunger Games in it as well as some Garth Nix’s Abhorsen trilogy, and Catherine Fisher’s Snowalker set, with a little Road Warrior/Thunderdome thrown in.  So far, very compelling.  The first in a set.


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